Grab your Big Opportunities with our Big Data Services

The value of Big Data is not in how much data you have but what you choose to do with it. Today the amounts of data companies have on their hands are bigger than ever before, and it’s up to them how to act upon it. 

Most of this data is either unstructured or semi-structured and difficult to drive any conclusions from. With our Big Data services, we use advanced techniques to process and analyze large chunks of data and turn them into a valuable source of business insights. Analyzing previously untapped data can help you distinguish some patterns you didn’t notice before and make smarter and faster decisions based on them. 

Divectors has been successful in delivering big data solutions to clients both large and small. Over the years we’ve helped our clients harness the power of Big Data and achieve their business objectives. We use advanced tools and technologies to offer customized solutions to each of our clients. We take the maximum out of the data you have and use it to make accurate business forecasts, informed decisions and improve customer experience. 

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Big Data services to analyze your business-critical data:

Data Storage

Allows businesses to collect and manage massive amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data. We apply Data Lake (Data Pond) architecture implementations to provide this possibility.

Data Processing

To process massive amounts of data and gain the most value out of it, you need a set of data processing techniques. These techniques include distributed or parallel computing with edge technologies like MapReduce, Spark, etc.

Data Streaming

To be able to react to changing conditions in real time, data processing has to be done rapidly. Real-time data streaming allows processing big volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Services

You can get a wide variety of cloud services. We work with trending, cutting-edge cloud services, including major players like AWS, GCP, and Azure. This approach gives businesses the scalability, availability and data security your products need.

Data Analytics

To be able to analyze data sets and draw important conclusions that can help make informed business decisions or provide these insights to BI, you need Data Analytics techniques.

Internet of Things

The internet of things ( IoT), is capable of transferring data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It’s a system of interconnected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs).

Unlock the full potential of big data services: 

Get answers we’ve been looking for

You no longer need to figure out how to answer some of the most pressing questions related to your business. Or even more confusing —  what are the criteria for driving these answers? For big data getting this information is a pretty straightforward task that can take up mere days or even hours.

Save yourself time and money

With big data services you can expect to find more efficient ways of doing your business and subsequently cut down on expenses and time you spend on making decisions critical to your business.

Discover new business opportunities

By analyzing big data and getting valuable insights on the current state of the market and the needs of your customers, you can discover new revenue opportunities and offer better customer service. Use your data to create the products your customers need and get ahead of your competition.

Trust your data

When working with data there’s always a risk to rely on false on incomplete data that can lead to poor decisions. Big data gather information from multiple sources to present you with an accurate and a complete view of the data you have. 

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