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Data Governance Framework to Ensure Your Data is and Trustworthy

Sometimes just managing data is not enough. In order to achieve real growth and desirable results, you need to create strict rules and boundaries and be sure they are followed. You need data governance


Data governance is a requirement in today's fast-moving and highly competitive enterprise environment. It encompasses policies, standards, and processes that ensure that data is organized, classified, well stored and can be used across the entire company.


Without the clear and structured data governance framework organizations face data quality issues, or the possibility of inefficiently using data, which in turn can result in missed business opportunities or decreasing their revenue. A clear data governance strategy makes sure that your data assets end up in the right hands and the right people are assigned to the right data or the right responsibilities.

Data governance services

Maturity model assessment

Leverage this powerful data governance technique to assess your business against external and internal benchmarks, evaluate your data capabilities, and uncover your gaps or how you compare to your competition.

Data policies

Make the right decisions regarding your data. Operating without a clear data policy is a risky business that could cost you a lot. Strong data policy enforces data consistency and provides a broad framework for how decisions should be made.

Data security compliance

Wether your business is big or small, ensuring that your data is secured should be a priority. Data security makes certain that the company’s sensitive data is secure from being read, copied, changed, or deleted by intruders.

Metadata management

Turn your data into your valuable asset that helps achieve greater efficiency and improve the decision-making process. Metadata management involves creating a metadata repository and populating it, as well as establishing a common data vocabulary and taxonomy.

Data catalog

Large amounts of data can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to organize, tag and properly annotate each of your data sets to make data more accessible and searchable or understand its metadata.  

Data stewardship

Don’t let your sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Data stewardship focuses on managing and coordinating an organization's data assets to provide users with high-quality data and make sure they comply with the defined standards.

Data quality

High-quality data means it is accurate, reliable, up-to-date, and is capable of performing its purpose in the given situation or to be used as intended. The more your organization relies on its data, the more important it is to keep it in good shape and relevant.

Data preparation

Have your data ready for further analysis and be sure that it’s accurate and consistent. Data preparation is the process of collecting, combining, cleaning, and structuring data into one file or data table, that is ready to use.

What you will achieve by adopting the right data governance practices:

Safer and

secured data

A clear data governance strategy establishes a set of rules, standards, and regulations that affect your data and improve it in terms of safety, security, reliability, accessibility, and quality.

Effective management and reduced cost

Companies that are applying data governance practices are more efficient in terms of how they use their information, which increases productivity and reduces waste, as well as cost.

Better decision-making and collaboration process

Being able to access, share or collaborate on data is essential for organizations. By adopting the best data governance practices you make your data easy to approach by the right people and also easy to drive useful insights from.

Regulatory compliance

It's the GDPR era and not complying to its standards and policies is a risky business that could lead to hefty fines and affect your company’s performance.

Case Studies

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