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The Debt Tool is a smartphone app and Web service that provides Debtors and Creditors with an easy, secure and engaging way to settle their debts. The Debt Tool offers the same simple and clear user experience for Debtors across its iOS, Android and Web applications.


Divectors has been hired to develop a solution for the debt industry that is intended to make the whole process of handling private debts and with an intuitive app and a web application that handles all the communication between the debtor and the creditor. The user is guided on every step of the system flow and ensures the communication with Creditor is hassle free and effective. 

The scope of the first phase of the project aimed to be a fully functional prototype that is intended to present the look and feel of the product, demonstrate the full debt settlement workflow from both Debtor and Creditor perspective.

Scope of work 

●       iOS application that provides a full flow of registering and handling the debt for the Debtor user. The system offers registration, ability to register debts, run system calculation to determine the offer that has the highest probability to get acceptance by the Creditor. Throughout the flow the user is able to track several Debts statuses. User also receives relevant system notifications on Debts processing progress and payments reminders.

●      Web application for the Creditor company that provides a full flow on handling Debtor offers and in similar way tracks the status on Debts Repayment progress, analytics per received offered, accepted or rejected offers and active deals with payments in progress, completed deals.



Divectors had two primary goals at the start of the implementation phase – build the mobile app for debtors and web application for the creditor company. Facing that task we were seeking for tools that would cater to our needs across iOS, Android and web environments and speed up mobile and web applications development.

Before starting the implementation of the solution, we analyzed all the available options and decided that consolidation of the technology stack for mobile and web applications development would bring us loads of benefits and speed up application development. We stopped our choice on React, React Native, .Net core and Firebase infrastructure. React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook that allows JavaScript developers to create familiar React components that work across web, Android, and iOS development environments. Beside sharing core library and architectural principles between React and React Native, we can also leverage using all the tools, utilities and libraries for both web and mobile applications. The main benefit of React Native is that any developer familiar with modern JavaScript and React can develop both apps – web and mobile, moreover, fewer specialists are needed for maintenance.

Additionally, since JavaScript is easily transferable, more application components and utilities can be used for multiple platforms. That way we were able to share architecture and toolset for mobile and web platforms, we used the same state management container and data models (Redux + Rematch), network communication layer (built on top of Axios) other libraries. With a clear understanding, there will undoubtedly be many standard components within the apps, we implemented web and mobile apps UI using UI Kits in the way that standard components follow our design language and could be shared across the apps.

Backend solution was built using .Net core, modern fast and cross-platform framework from Microsoft. Backend services communicate with each other using gRPC framework and RabbitMQ message broker. Entire solution is hosted in the Kubernetes cluster in GCP. It was designed with horizontal scalability and information security in mind. A lot of attention has been paid to monitoring and alerting functionality to guarantee that future application support teams will be well-informed about the current state of the application and will be able to respond quickly to issues that may occur.


The most significant benefit for use using React and React Native were the rapid development and platform agnosticism. With React Native, we could leverage its entire development team of engineers to help build and support mobile and web applications.

They’re better than other companies I’ve worked with in the past. I would say that technology and development are their greatest skills.

Patric Lindstrom
CEO, FinTech Startup

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