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Healthcare / Financial

Technology stack:

Talend ESB
AirFlow Orchestration


Our client is a world-renowned disability advocacy organization that has been providing services for over a century. With their extensive experience, they have helped over 1.4 million children and adults live more fulfilling lives and become effective members of their communities through various outreach and educational programs. The organization's primary goal is to transform the way disabilities are viewed and defined globally, by making significant and positive changes in people's lives. Their efforts have had a significant impact on countless individuals, and they continue to work tirelessly towards improving the lives of those with disabilities. Overall, our client is a remarkable organization with a rich history of advocating for those in need, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with them.


Our customer approached us with a significant challenge related to their daily operations. The customer was using three non-integrated data vendor systems, which posed several problems, including the need for manual data processing both within the company and in cooperation with the state. Recently, the state had set new requirements for eliminating manual data processing and ensuring secure automated data exchange with the state. To comply with these requirements and support the FIS (Financial Information System) bid, the organization needed to develop an FIS suite of systems. This required a comprehensive data exchange platform that would enable the customer to integrate the three systems into a single FIS suite, eliminate manual data processing, and ensure secure automated data exchange with the state.


We worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive solution to their challenge. Our team suggested building a set of technological solutions to support their fiscal intermediary services, including XML, JSON, and reporting interfaces between their internal technology systems and state entities. Theautomated data exchange platform aimed to eliminate manual workflows and introduce a centralized repository for key business data entities and file exchange storage.

To ensure effective exception handling and data consistency, the developed system performs a set of validation processes on connection, file, and data field levels. Our team successfully ensured data exchange between the state and three internal systems, each with a different integration point and constraints.

Overall, our solution enabled the client to meet state requirements for secure automated data exchange, eliminate manual data processing, and streamline their operations. The centralized repository and validation processes improved data consistency and accuracy, resulting in more efficient workflows and better decision-making capabilities.


The project involved developing technological solutions to support the client's fiscal intermediary services (FIS) and automate the process of data exchange with the state. The system performed validation processes to ensure effective exception handling and data consistency, resulting in a significant improvement in data quality. By building an automated data exchange platform, the client has successfully decreased manual data processing by 70% and automated the file transfer process, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy.

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