Optimizing a Blogging Platform: From Static Integration to Enhanced Marketing Control

Empowering content management in the shift from static integration to enhanced marketing control

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Talent acquisition and recruitment

Technology stack:

Nuxt 3


Our client, Youcruit is a recruiting software company, with Lanefinder being one of their standout products tailored specifically for the trucking industry. Serving as an exclusive job platform, Lanefinder focuses solely on trucking positions, facilitating a seamless match between drivers and their desired roles. Their commitment to the trucking sector, paired with a transparent approach and user-friendly technology, ensures that drivers can pinpoint optimal career opportunities without any trade-offs.


The client was facing a difficult task of detaching their blog from its statically-generated integration with the primary product. This disentanglement needed to be executed without disrupting existing operations or diminishing the user experience. Our second challenge was to equip the marketing team with a foundation that would empower them to have autonomous control over the site's content. Our objectives were twofold. First, we aimed to streamline content management by standardizing input parameters across data blocks in the admin panel. Second, we set out to optimize budget allocation by sidestepping the need for paid plugins, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising functionality.


In response to the challenges presented, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revitalize and streamline the content management system. Here's how we approached the solution:

  • Framework Upgrade: We transitioned to the state-of-the-art Nuxt3 framework. This ensured that the client’sinfrastructure was updated and robust.

  • Plugin Updates: Recognizing the importance of ensuring compatibility and maximizing functionality, we updated the majority of third-party plugins to align with Vue3, making sure they resonated seamlessly with the Nuxt3 API.

  • Custom Plugin Development: To address specific requirements, we engineered custom plugins that catered to essential functionalities: sitemap generation, SEO optimization, cookie consent management, and integration with Mailchimp for email campaigns.

  • Integration with Storyblok: To enhance the versatility and customization of the content, we integrated additional components using Storyblok. This allowed for a more dynamic content presentation and ensured a uniform look and feel across the unified platform.


The initiatives we undertook led toimprovements in several key areas:

  • Enhanced Marketing Tools: The solution provided a more versatile platform for the marketing team.

  • SSG Standards Met: The setup adhered to the Static Site Generator (SSG) standards.

  • Improved Speed and Experience: The site's responsiveness was better, leading to a smoother user experience.

  • Easier Content Updates: Adjusting content became more straightforward.

  • Refined CI/CD Pipeline: We made some improvements to the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process, simplifying page updates.

In essence, the strategies we implemented not only solved the immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for sustainable and efficient content management in the future.

“The project was delivered on time with adjustments due to a change of requirements from our side. They did respond well and with reasonable new timeline.” Read more

Project Manager, Youcruit

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