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Health decisions


Health decisions is a clinical trial management company that provides its services for running and maintaining clinical trials. They have been running their business for some time before they had decided to create their own software solution since third-party solutions they used were not fully catering to their needs and were quite expensive.


Divectors was commissioned  to build a single-tenant solution that would allow running multiple studies at the same time. 

The main challenge was that electronic data records had to be highly protected and isolated while each study had to support multiple environments where changes applied to the study could be developed, tested and approved. Another requirement was that the study structure had to be highly configurable and able to update according to the collected data.


We designed the system using .NET stack of technologies. The system consists of a web application and several services responsible for database and data management. We created separate dynamic language runtime (DLR) that allows writing custom equations within the system to manipulate data and change the structure of a trial based on the data entered. 

Data is highly secured and isolated by having multiple databases not only for a separate study but even for different stages/environments of the same study. The system is HIPAA compliant.


Now our client successfully runs multiple studies using their own platform. The platform, that perfectly fits their needs. Costs they’ve spend to develop their own solution are already lower than the costs of using 3rd party software over the last few years. The design and configuration of a trial can be changed and verified on isolated environments and then applied to a production environment without modifying patients’ data. Previously entered data is rebound to new configuration automatically. All processes are automated including the creation of new trial and generation of all the required infrastructure for each and every environment.

Without Divectors support, there would have been a disruption to services managed through the eDC platform. Divectors have provided outstanding service and enable full service continuity whilst addressing key enhancements at both ther study and system level. I was impressed by their timeliness and the quality of service delivered.

Patrick Phillips
CEO, Health Decisions

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