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Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by several companies around the world, each being a subsidiary of Richard Branson's Virgin Group. The Virgin Mobile brand is used by separate companies in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and formerly in the United States.


We were approached by Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa to assist them with several critical challenges:

  • Lack of an integrated, consistent metadata repository that would provide business units with accessible information for analytical purposes.

  • Absence of a data governance framework, resulting in unclear data ownership, business glossary, and data management processes across IT and business units.

  • Data quality issues being treated on an ad-hoc basis without effective governance, requiring extensive manual work to resolve and understand the root causes.


Maturity Assessment: To kick off the project, Divectors conducted a Data Governance Maturity assessment to gain insights into the current state of Virgin Mobile's data governance practices. This involved conducting more than 20 interviews with key business stakeholders, subject matter experts, and IT representatives. The aim was to understand the existing data management lifecycle, identify critical business processes, and determine the domains that required Data Governance coverage. Based on the findings, Divectors prepared a roadmap and a detailed implementation plan for Data Governance, which was well-received by Virgin's management.

Implementation: To demonstrate the value of the proposed approach, Divectors decided to initiate the implementation within a small, single department. As per our recommendations, the composition of the Data Governance Council was reassessed, with a focus on incorporating data stewards responsible for data ownership and data quality. This ensured the right level of expertise and accountability within the council.

Divectors worked closely with Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa to design a comprehensive set of data policies and formulate a data governance framework. This framework covered essential aspects such as data ownership, data management, and data quality.

Additionally, we provided recommendations on the integration and deployment of modern metadata repositories, conducting a thorough analysis of popular tools available in the market. This allowed Virgin to make informed decisions on the best-fit solution for their specific needs.

Furthermore, Divectors assisted in the creation of a common business glossary, ensuring consistent understanding and usage of data-related terminology across the organization. We also conducted an inventory of the company's data ecosystem, identifying key data sources and mapping out their interdependencies.


Through these efforts, Divectors assisted Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa in establishing a solid foundation for effective data governance. As a result, the client was able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Common Glossary and Improved Communication: Divectors helped the client in creating a common business glossary, ensuring consistent understanding and usage of data-related terminology across the organization.

  • Integration of Data Quality Validations: Divectors provided expertise in defining and implementing data quality rules and validations.

  • Enhanced Accuracy of Financial Figures and Statistics: By implementing data quality validations based on Divectors' recommendations, Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa experienced a notable improvement in the accuracy of their financial figures and statistics.

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Group Senior Manager, Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa

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