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Migrating the software from a monolith application to microservices architecture

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Technology stack:

Spring Boot


Our client offers AI solutions that empower call centers to enhance their performance. Their cutting-edge product analyzes hundreds of conversational behaviors in real-time, providing live guidance during calls while also measuring customer experience.

This technology significantly improves sales outcomes, delivers exceptional customer service, and enhances the overall quality of care. By boosting the emotional intelligence of thousands of agents across the globe, our client enables the world's most successful enterprises to achieve their goals.


As a market leader in providing AI solutions to call centers, our client had experienced high demand for their product. Unfortunately, this success had led to slow performance and other issues that were hampering their ability to deliver the high-quality service their customers expected.

To address these challenges, our client turned to Divectors for help. Specifically, they asked us to assist with migrating their software from a monolith application to a microservices architecture. This was a complex undertaking that required careful planning and execution to ensure that the new architecture would be stable, scalable, and effective.


The Divectors team is currently focused on several critical aspects of the project, including the migration of the software to a microservices architecture and database optimization and division. Additionally, we are also tasked with migrating the database itself to ensure that it is fully compatible with the new architecture.

To achieve these goals, our team has developed a comprehensive scope of work that encompasses several key areas of focus. These include:

  • Designing the software microservice architecture to ensure that it is stable, scalable, and efficient.

  • Implementing REST APIs for the various microservices, as well as developing robust authentication and authorization flows to ensure the security of the system.

  • Database optimization for high load and developing unit tests, integration tests, and other tools to improve code coverage and ensure the overall quality of the system.

  • Designing and implementing a data migration service that will enable us to seamlessly migrate existing customers' data from the old platform to the new architecture.

  • Developing a service that will upload stream data to S3 buckets from the pulsar queue.


By leveraging our expertise in microservices architecture and working closely with our client to understand their needs and priorities, we were able to successfully deliver a solution that met their requirements and exceeded their expectations.

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