Market data processing in the stock exchange industry

Developing a modern, scalable solution leveraging Azure Cloud and advanced technologies for informed decision making

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Financial Services

Technology stack:

Azure Service Bus
Azure SQL


Our client is a prominent player in the stock exchange market, and they operate in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. As part of their efforts to stay ahead of the curve, they recognized the need for a modern, robust ecosystem for processing market data. The sheer volume and complexity of the data involved in stock market trading make it challenging to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions.

The client approached us to help them design and implement a market data processing solution that could handle the vast amounts of data generated by the market in real-time. They needed a platform that could collect, process, and analyze this data quickly and accurately, while also ensuring data security and compliance with relevant regulations.

We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and requirements and developed a customized solution that met their needs. Our solution leveraged advanced technologies and best practices in data processing, storage, and analysis, allowing the client to extract meaningful insights from the market data and make informed decisions.


Our client's primary objective was to develop a reliable and scalable solution for processing real-time stock data. This involved extracting data, aggregating it, applying notification rules, and sending emails to stakeholders. Additionally, the storage ecosystem and data processors had to be located in the Azure Cloud to meet the client's requirements. Given the expectation of fast data growth, it was crucial to select data storage and processing engines that could handle large amounts of data and scale easily to accommodate future growth.


In consideration of our customer's request to avoid custom code development wherever possible, we have developed a streaming application based on Talend for Big Data. This approach allows us to build the necessary data pipelines and integrations using pre-existing components and connectors, reducing the need for custom development work.

To meet the customer's requirement for cloud hosting, we have leveraged capabilities of Azure cloud. This allows us to easily scale our application up or down as needed while ensuring high availability and performance.

For the efficient distribution of market data, we have utilized Azure Service Bus, a cloud messaging service that enables us to decouple our application components and reliably transmit data between them.


Our collaboration with the client resulted in the successful development and implementation of a modern, robust ecosystem for processing real-time market data. The solution leveraged Databricks, and Azure cloud components. The solution efficiently handles vast amounts of real-time data, extracts valuable insights, and ensures data security and compliance with regulations. The client can now make informed decisions in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry.

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