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Automated data exchange solution


Our client is a world’s leading disability advocacy organization with over 100 years of experience.Through countless outreach and educational programs, they’ve helped over 1.4 million children and adults to live, learn and be an effective part of their community. 

The organization’s main purpose is to change the way the world defines and views disabilities by making profound and positive changes in people’s lives.


For their daily operations our client uses three non-integrated data vendors systems. One of the main problems they’d encountered was manual data processing, both inside of the company and in terms of cooperation with the state. Recently they’ve obtained requirements from the state to eliminate manual data processing and provide secure automated data exchange with the state. The organization was looking to develop an FIS suite of systems to support the FIS bid.


We have suggested to build a set of technological solutions to support its fiscal intermediary services (FIS). This included a set of XML, JSON and reporting interfaces between the organization’s  internal technology systems and the entities of the state they operate in. 

The business goal was to replace a traditional manual workflow with automated systems and introduce centralized repository for the key business data entities and file exchange storage.

The developed system performs  a set of validation processes on connection, file and data field level to ensure effective exception handling and data consistency. In the scope of the project we have ensured data exchange between state and three internal systems each with a different integration point and constraints.


  • Manual data processing in terms of data received from state  was decreased by 70%;
  • The file transfer was automated and data quality significantly improved.

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