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Business Intelligence

Uncover new business opportunities with Business Intelligence Services

The amount of data businesses now possess is overwhelming. But it’s what they do with it that matters. Now imagine, you could convert the data you have on your hands into knowledge that would help your business make the right decision at the right time. This is exactly what business intelligence is all about.


To stay competitive and ahead of everyone else companies rely on data when making decisions. Informed choices are the key to the business’s growth and success. And BI services can take care of that by taking large chunks of historical and current data, slice it into manageable pieces that give valuable business insights.


With over 11 years of experience with data, Divectors offers end-to-end business intelligence solutions. We treat every project we take on as a unique business case and focus on helping our customers achieve their business goals with our BI services.

Business Intelligence services we offer

Data Analysis

  • Source data analysis

  • Key analytics metrics

  • Data validation and cleansing rules 

Data Integration 

  • Data sources mapping 

  • Staging area creation

  • Integration rules

Data Warehousing

  • Dimensions and measurements determination

  • Star or snowflake schema design

  • Data warehouse structure finalization


  • Transformation flow design

  • Transformation jobs design

  • Jobs scheduling

BI Testing

Data integrity, validation rules, cleansing rules, and proper transformations testing.

  • Manual testing

  • Automation testing

Data Analytics 

Finding insights from available reports

Data mining

Data modeling and building analytics solution

Data Visualization

  • Dashboard design

  • Data Visualization workshops

  • Information architecture development

  • Interactive reports and presentations

Data Managment

Data editing

Correcting exception cases

Updating data

What we can help you achieve with our BI solutions: 

Make smarter business decisions

When it comes to data, your ultimate goal is to turn it into structured and analyzable insights. In short, that’s what Business Intelligence services do. BI takes your data out of its silo, analyses it and turns it into hard facts that help to make better business decisions which mean saving time and money on ill-advised actions.

Enhance your customer experience 

BI services can help you gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, their needs, how they interact with you and how you can improve their experience and reach them in new ways. This is the kind of knowledge you need to have if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Improve productivity and efficiency

BI services might be the answer to your business's stumbling block, improve your internal processes or automate some tasks. Business Intelligence can help you take a fresh perspective on how your business is done and make better use of your time and resources.  

Gain a competitive edge for your business

Basing your business decisions on hard facts and statistics rather than some assumptions is what ultimately drives your business and gives you an advantage over other players in your field and helps you spot new business opportunities.

Case Studies

We’ve put our experience into helping our customers achieve their business goals. Take a look at some of the projects Divectors successfully worked on:

Centralized data repositories

Building centralized data repositories to drive valuable insights from data


Data exchange


Tackling manual processing for financial services provider


Data warehouse platform

Creating a centralized place for all the integrated data sources for a pharmaceutical company